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APK & IPA via Email  are over.
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Mobile App Distribution was built with passion by developers to solve the pain of app distribution for everyone
Sharing your app while developing for feedback shouldn't be as complicated as it is right now!

Consider our platform as a private store for your team to test your app releases before releasing them to Google & Apple stores

Create App
A single app can contain multiple Android and iOS releases at the same time.

This is mainly used to organize your releases and to grant members access to specific apps within the team.
Members can be granted specific permissions to manage the app.

Members can leave or be removed from the app at anytime.

Deleting an app will delete all the releases inside it as well as the active members inside it.

What's inside the box

Simplest Mobile App BETA Distribution in one place
Multiple teams and projects
Android & iOS apps in one platform
Share yourapp releases with everyone
Notify about new releases
Get early feedback from testers
Automate your releases with our CLI

Upload releases

Quick upload, no need to wait for review, instant availability!

Upload Android (APK) & iOS (IPA)  with a simple drag & drop
with your release notes for your testers to know what to expect
and test in each release

In our Portal, you can monitor the release installs,
users and devices and even top performant developers!

From our Portal you can upload your app and team members will be notified
Invite team members to test your app releases and give feedback

Team members

Testing without a team is not a test!
Invite your team with different roles & permissions to install your app releases and provide feedback via our team chat

You can manage which member to have the access to which app and what to see and do

Install app releases

Just like Google Play store and Apple App Store but for development stages
Using our mobile app, testers can easily install your app releases
whenever you upload one from our Portal or using our CLI

On successful upload, a push notification will be sent to install
any release version and switch between them for testing

Click here to scan QR code from your phone to install
Install app releases for both android and ios
Mobile app feedback & chat

Get feedback

For a better quality app, feedback is essential for public stores!
In our mobile app, testers can provide their feedback for each app so for the developers can release the next version with the fixes and catering the testers feedback


We focus on app distribution like nobody else
It's our main focus not like other platforms
Compare with others
We focus on app distribution like nobody elseIt's our main focus not like other platforms
We focus on app distribution like nobody elseIt's our main focus not like other platforms
iOS only
Approval time
One way feedback
Private app
Android & iOS
Upload & Install
Chat feedback
Private & Public app
Install iOS from browser
Push notifications only for Android
Private app
Account needed
Install iOS from app & browser
Push notifications for iOS & Android
Private & Public app
No account needed
Other app distributions
Free plan too limited
Complicated to use
Basic Portal
Paid support
Same features for years
Great free plan
Easy to use
Advanced Portal
Support available for all plans
Actively equipping new features

Upload your first release

With few steps you will be able to invite your team members to install your app!


Affordable plans for everyone

We are constantly equipping with more features to help all developers around the world and make their lives much easier.

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For a solo developer ‚̧ԳŹ
free forever
One account, multiple teams
2 projects
3 team members
Public & Private share
Unlimited app releases/builds
Unlimited app installs
Maximum upload size: 75 MB
Release expiration:  7 days
Push notifications
External storage
Get Started
No credit card required
For teams, multiple projects & big apps
per team
One account, multiple teams
6 projects*
12 team members*
Public & Private share
Unlimited app releases/builds
Unlimited app installs
Maximum upload size: 300 MB
Release expiration: 60 days
Push notifications
External storage
Start 7-day free trial
No credit card required
Save 2 months on annual team plans
*Addons available for Starter and Pro
Looking for something else? Custom plan? Contact us and we will gladly help you out.


Your data is sensitive. enterprise suite can be installed on any private cloud or self-hosted

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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

What is Why should we use it? is the fastest and easiest way to distribute your app and get feedback for both Android and iOS in the same place. is a great addition to your app development lifecycle. Our platform can increase the productivity and enhance the collaboration on each release before shipping it to the stores.
With, you don't have to worry how to get your app while developing it in hands of anyone. You can for sure ditch collecting feedback from emails, WhatsApp,... and replace it with our chat that comes with each app.

You can take the advantage of the following:

- Drag & Drop your app (APK & IPA)
- Invite everyone to install it.
- Collect feedback for your next release.
- Repeat.

If you are still not sure, chat with us and will guide you!

What is the difference between Portal and Express?

We created Express feature to allow you to distribute your apps without having to signup so you can try it out with unlimited installation and uploads. However, the releases will be expiring after 1 day of creation.

In Portal, you can create team, invite members, create apps and upload as many releases you want without expiry date and much more.

Both are free to use.

How this is different than TestFlight and AppCenter? is the fastest and easiest way to distribute your app and get feedback for both Android and iOS in the same place.

Both TestFlight & AppCenter are great and they cover more stuff than we do. However, as of now, we are focusing only on the app distribution part and getting the feedback via chat from team members.

We have plans to be the one-stop-shop for mobile app development, either integrating our own features like AppCenter or integrate with them.

For now, our core & unique features that you can use:

  • A mobile application for both Android and iOS to install releases from.
  • Public and Private sharing for your apps and release. (No account needed to upload or install in Express)
  • TestFlight¬†is only for iOS and¬†AppCenter¬†has only Android app¬†but you can still upload iOS releases and install through the website¬†but with us, you can install it from both our iOS¬†app and browser.
  • Chat for each app to share feedback.
  • Grouping both iOS and Android releases under a single app. In¬†AppCenter¬†you'll have to create multiple apps.
  • A timeline for each app.
  • Push notifications to notify about new releases or events.
  • Quick release compatibility check with the team member devices (UDID, MinOS, MinSDK,...)
  • A Portal to manage all this.

If you are still not sure, chat with us and will guide you!

Compare with Firebase, TestFlight and AppCenter
* Feedback is the ability for testers/members to have a chat inside the app about each app.

Can I invite other developers to manage the App?

Yes! You can invite as many developers or members as you want.
You can assign role and permissions to each member.

Can I have both Android and iOS releases in one App?

Of course! Our App will be displaying releases to the relative platform but you can chat and view the timeline for both platforms in both Android and iOS.

Is there any SDK?

No. There's no SDK integration as we don't collect analytics. We just connect you with the people who want to test your app to get their feedback. We focus on that for now.

What is allowed and what is forbidden on is not intended to replace the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, apps/releases must be in development mode. The production should be with Google and Apple stores.
For the iOS, we accept  Development & Ad-Hoc (non-production) provisioning profiles.
For Android, we accept any signed app.

Need help with anything?

We're here to help with any questions you have about plans, pricing, and supported features.
[email protected]