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Share feedback

Collect feedback directly from your app testers
using our SDK for in-app feedback, helping you build a better app.

Install TestApp.io iOS SDK for in-app feedback

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TestApp.io mobile app

Install release

Notify your testers to install the latest app releases,
share feedback, and communicate effectively.

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Upload Android (apk) and iOS (ipa)

Create a release

Easily upload both your Android and iOS app releases,
and share them with your team or external testers for testing and feedback.

TestApp.io vs Diawi
With TestApp.io, you can get feedback by sharing your app with an unlimited number of public testers with a public link and a fully customizable app install page on TestApp.io

With the detailed analytics about your testers geolocations, device type, system version,... you will debug issues much faster
Multiple teams and projects
Android & iOS apps in one platform
Share your app releases with everyone
Notify about new releases
Get early feedback from testers
Automate your releases with our CLI