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Sessions flow

Sessions on begin with app launch, capturing essential data to enhance app development, and allow monitoring of events and errors with recordings, screenshots, and detailed device, network, and RAM/CPU data, facilitating effective feedback from testers for app improvements

Capture ūüźě Faster

Track Everything

Catch issues fast and reproduce faster.

Sessions journey start with app launch and captures vital information to enable you build a better app.

Sessions, SDK, Performance metrics, CPU, RAM, Storage, Events, Errors, Developer-initiated, SDK-generated, Screens, Device information, Orientation, Connectivity types, Wifi, No internet, 3G, Network activities, HTTP Requests, Tester identification.

Rolling & Classic Recordings

Rolling captures the latest 30 seconds of your screen without sound, always keeping things fresh.

Classic gives you a longer 5-minute recording with audio, perfect for in-depth insights.

Both options let you add annotations on-the-go, making your feedback crystal clear.
Rolling & Classic recordings

Identify Testers

Think of it as a name tag for your users. With, you can link a tester's actions to their unique ID, and even add personal details like their name or email.

It's like getting to know your testers better, all in one place.
Session overview
Session feedback

In-app Feedback

Testers can effortlessly pinpoint issues in your app, capturing the moment with screenshots or screen recordings.

‚ÄćNo more guesswork ‚ÄĒdevelopers get the exact visuals, ensuring a polished fix for the next release.
Get feedback from clients, beta testers, and team members


Why early feedback is important?

Early feedback is important
Catching feedback early is the shield that guards an app's reputation.
It's the silent detective that uncovers hidden glitches. For developers, it's the roadmap to crafting a flawless user experience. Don't just launch; launch with confidence. SDK SDK

Experience seamless and efficient app feedback collection with's in-app SDK!
Record videos, capture screenshots, annotate, and submit feedback to help improve the app before it's published. Start making a difference today!
iOS - Swift


Swift package manager:


pod 'TestAppIOSDK', :git => ''




React native





Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SDK?

The SDK is an in-app tool that allows testers to report bugs and provide feedback directly from within the app.

The SDK primarily focuses on two aspects: Sessions and Feedback.

Sessions begin with the app's launch and track various metrics, while Feedback allows testers to provide input directly.

What kind of information is tracked during Sessions?

During Sessions, the SDK tracks:

  • Performance metrics such as CPU, RAM, and storage
  • Events and Errors, which can be either developer-initiated or SDK-generated
  • Screens viewed by the tester
  • Specific device information, orientation, and connectivity types (e.g., wifi, no internet, 3G)
  • Network activities, particularly HTTP Requests.Tester identification

How does the Feedback feature work?

Every piece of feedback is linked to a specific session. Testers have the option to record directly from the feedback bar or select media from their gallery. This ensures that developers receive precise visuals, making it easier to address issues.

How does the SDK connect distribution with sessions?

The SDK integrates distribution with sessions using the package name for Android and the Bundle ID for iOS.

This ensures that all sessions and feedback are tagged and associated with a specific release, making it easier to track and manage feedback for different versions of the app.

Is the SDK suitable for production apps?

No,'s in-app feedback tool is designed for development environments only and is not intended for use in the store version of the app. vs Diawi
With, you can get feedback by sharing your app with an unlimited number of public testers with a public link and a fully customizable app install page on

With the detailed analytics about your testers geolocations, device type, system version,... you will debug issues much faster
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