Appcenter Alternative allows you to get feedback from public testers

Unlimited external testers
Unlimited app releases
Unlimited app installs
Android & iOS
A platform for both your Android & iOS apps

Multiple teams

Create or join multiple teams
App projects
Apps or projects it's a place where your app releases will be hosted in
Automate your releases
With our CLI, you can deploy to both Android & iOS with a single command-line
Public install page
A customized app landing page for both your Android & iOS in a single link for your testers to install your app and share their feedback
Get feedback
Collect feedback from your both external & internal testers along with their device, location and system info for debugging
Notify everyone
With each new release, your team will be notified via a push notification in our app or your team's integrations (Slack, Teams,...)
Mobile app
Manage your team and install apps from mobile app and chat with your team about the issues or releases
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Supported apps
Android & iOS
Android & iOS
Automate your releases with CLI
Apps instantly available
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Express release
(no account required)
Public Link generation
Public Link Customization
(App info, test notes, images,...)
Detailed Analytics
Feedback from external Testers
Single Install page for Android & iOS
Number of testers
Unlimited for Android, limited by Apple (10k)
Unlimited for Android, limited by Apple (10k)
Number of installs
Storage (AWS, Wasabi, Google Cloud Storage)
(Slack, MS Teams, JIRA,...)
Mobile app to manage team, install releases and notify testers
Team chat
Live support vs Appcenter
With, you can get feedback by sharing your app with public testers with a public link for a fully customizable app landing page on

You can also get detailed analytics about tester's installs geolocations, device type, system version, and more...
Multiple teams and projects
Android & iOS apps in one platform
Share yourapp releases with everyone
Notify about new releases
Get early feedback from testers
Automate your releases with our CLI
Scan to install the app
Scan QR code to install our app.
Scan this from your Android or iOS device to get started
Invite team members to test your app releases and give feedback

1. Invite your team

Testing without a team is not a test!
Assign team members as managers, developers or testers.

You can also request their UDID  from our iOS app.

From our Portal you can upload your app and team members will be notified

2. Upload your app

Quick upload and instant availability!
Simply drag & drop your Android (APK) and iOS (IPA) to share  with your team and external testers.

Or automate it by using our command line ta-cli

Access Portal

3. Start testing

Using our mobile app, your team will receive notifications to easily install your app releases and share their feedback.

Click here to scan QR code from your phone to install iOS App iOS App
Install app releases for both android and ios and share feedback
Public install page for external testers to test and share their feedback with the developers and app managers

4. Share it with everyone

Create a beautiful public landing page for both Android & iOS app on a single page.

Share it with the world to get the early feedback that you need before launching on Google Play and Apple App stores!

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5. Get feedback

For a better quality app, feedback is essential!
Testers can share their feedback for each app and release through the mobile app and the public landing page.

Managers and developers will be notified to fix the reported issues and create a new release.

Feedback is essential part of testing!

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